To die of love is to live by it.

-Victor Hugo


"music; music, moody food 

Of us that trade in love.”

I guess, before chocolate and ice cream were big things, you had to find other comfort food. Ha. 


Everybody says my way is great

but improbable.

All greatness is improbable.

What’s probable is tedious and petty.

-Lao Tzu “Three Treasures”


… a wise soul,

wanting to be above other people,

talks to them from below

and to guide them

follows them.

And so the wise soul

predominates without dominating,

and leads without misleading.

And people don’t get tired of enjoying and praising

one who, not competing,

has in all the world

no competitor.

-Lao Tzu “Lowdown”


Do things before the happen.

Get them straight before they get mixed up.

The tree you can’t reach your arms around

grew from a tiny seedling.

The nine-story tower rises

from a heap of clay.

The ten-thousand-mile journey

begins beneath your foot.

Do, and do wrong;

Hold on, and lose.

-Lao Tzu “Mindful of Little Things”


Study the hard while it’s easy.

Do big things while they’re small.

The hardest jobs in the world start out easy,

the greatest affairs of the world start small… .

Now, since taking things too lightly makes them worthless,

and taking things too easy makes them hard,

the wise soul,

by treating the easy as hard,

doesn’t find anything hard.

-Lao Tzu “Consider Beginnings”


 -Lao Tzu “Fame and Fortune”


Photo/edit by me. Prompted by megan-wheniwake.


Photo/edit by me. Prompted by megan-wheniwake.

Source: fireflywaltz

knowing yourself is wisdom.

Overcoming others takes strength,

overcoming yourself takes greatness.

Contentment is wealth. 

Boldly pushing forward takes resolution.

Staying put keeps you in position. 

To live till you die

is to live long enough.

-Lao Tzu “Kinds of Power”